Email Template to Introduce ProSpace

We thought that your newcomers should be properly introduced to ProSpace’s Meeting Room Scheduling. We recommend that you share with them this email template, and establish at least 2 points of contacts to divert heightened attention from your colleagues on the onboarding:

To: Your Newcomers
Cc: Your Admins
Subject: Introducing ProSpace: New Meeting Room Scheduling

Dear colleagues,

This week, we have officially adopted ProSpace’s meeting room scheduling application. ProSpace can help to recommend and book available rooms easily, and help us to avoid room overbooking and ghost meetings.

Additionally, ProSpace provides web-based dashboard and mobile application to help you book and manage these meeting rooms. These apps are equipped with Google calendar integration, which means any booked events from the app will be synced to your calendars automatically.

Soon, you will receive an invitation to our company’s account. The email will contain steps to create and manage your meeting places.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check in with admin Betty or I.

Kind Regards,

Admin Adeline

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