Add fellow colleagues

After you have set up the account and sync your Spaces to the calendar, now it’s time to invite your fellow colleagues to join you.

Out of all user roles, only ProSpace Admin or Account Owner can invite others to your account. Follow these steps for inviting your colleagues:

Step 1: Go to Manage (insert link: tab within your ProSpace Dashboard.

Step 2: On your left tab, click ‘Users’.

Step 3: Click the ‘Add User’ to add the list of people. (Tips: For batch invite, you can upload a csv file including email addresses to send the invitation.)

Step 4: The email invite which looks like the picture below, will reach everyone on your list. By clicking on the email link, they will be directed to create an account and automatically be added to your organisation. You can send an email to introduce ProSpace to the new comers.

In the event that the invitation link expires, the admin can opt to ‘Resend’ Invitation via Manage > Users


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